Journey of Life

Several projects that I have done entire my college life and competition:

Imagine Cup 2009 – Traffstopper
This project could make into final round in Egypt in 2009, only 5 teams that was competing in final round and our team was the only team from Asia.

Imagine Cup 2010 Software Design – Alight
The second year I joined this competition. this time I made my own team as Project Manager, trying to address Jakarta’s common problem: Traffic Jam. Alight is ride-sharing application that is packed as social networking brand. We could make into top 10 local finalist in Indonesia.

Imagine Cup 2010 Game Design – SCRUB
You are invited in the mission of extending the earth life in threat of global warming. As time goes, greenhouse gases are slowly killing the ozone layer and exposing the earth to more threats and disasters caused by global warming. In this game we want you to act fast! We hope by playing this game everyone can grasp the message of reducing global warming easily and start making changes by implementing the action sentences in real life. This act will hopefully support the MDG number 7 about climate change.

Imagine Cup 2010 Embedded System – Aveo
I thankful enough for this category. I could try Microsoft Embedded CE product because this project was passing the top 100 worldwide finalists. This project was one of my thesis paper for graduation and get bachelor degree. And after getting know about Microsoft Embedded CE, I got my first Microsoft Certification in 2011.
Aveo is solution for decreasing maternal mortality in pregnant woman by early detecting symptom that can cause mortality. Aveo detects pregnant mother’s urine level in 10 indicators.

Imagine Cup 2011 Software Design – Agrion
The third year I joined this competition, and the last time of my college life, the last time to going through to Worldwide Final. Agrion is solution for food security problem in our country. Agrion could predict when a crop needs a water by calculating rain fall, climate and other factors.


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